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Why do sales people give other sales people a bad name!

I would like to bet that as you read this post you will find yourself saying, ‘yes’ a good few times! Recently I was contacted by a sales executive who was polite, friendly, and personable. Everything you could really wish for from a good salesman, and he was a good salesman (except from when he [...]

Posted by James Barron on August 15th, 2013
welcome to don't take the liberty blog

Welcome to our new blog – Don’t Take The Liberty!

Welcome to our new blog – Don’t Take The Liberty. Every week we will be sharing our insights and opinion (with a healthy dose of fun) on the payroll industry. We are not going to be just sharing the latest HMRC updates or payroll industry news releases, all our posts are written by our team [...]

Posted by Marc Scott on August 15th, 2013