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Procrastination: The demented brother of failure!

   If you work in sales, recruitment or simply have deadlines in your life or working environment, the main thing to keep in mind is the well-known phrase “you snooze, you lose!” This is a pretty obvious and simple point, but it’s amazing how often it is over-looked. How many times have you had a [...]

Posted by Melissa Hudson on February 18th, 2014

Why do sales people give other sales people a bad name!

I would like to bet that as you read this post you will find yourself saying, ‘yes’ a good few times! Recently I was contacted by a sales executive who was polite, friendly, and personable. Everything you could really wish for from a good salesman, and he was a good salesman (except from when he [...]

Posted by James Barron on August 15th, 2013