Discuss IR35 over a coffee – Contractor registration


Important changes to tax legislation which may affect you and your Ltd company.

From the 6th April 2017, the way in which IR35 legislation works will be changing for those Limited company contractors that provide services to public sector bodies. Post-April, it will no longer be the responsibility of the Limited company to determine IR35, instead this responsibility will rest with the public sector body itself. In instances where the public sector body determines that the worker will be caught by IR35 when providing their services, it will be the responsibility of the “fee payer” (the entity that pays the Limited company) to deduct employment levels of tax and National Insurance before paying the Limited company.

Please note: There are NO changes to IR35 for those operating a Limited company that are providing services to private sector clients. Nor are there any further changes for those working via an umbrella company.

Liberty Bishop has been closely following the development of this legislation over the last 12 months and were actively involved in the consultation and “round-table” events with HMRC.

We have developed a new service for recruitment agencies which has been specifically designed to assist them with their new responsibilities and therefore reduce the likelihood of the agency placing pressure on its contractors to cease trading via their own Limited company.

If you are providing your services to a public sector end client and utilising your own Limited company (PSC), we would like to invite you along for a coffee in association with IPSE.

IPSE tag (2)We are hearing plenty of different views and coffee morningopinions, so thought we’d put together a relaxed format to discuss the “Off-payroll working in the public sector: reform of the employment intermediaries legislation”.

Date: Monday 13th February 2017
Venue: Luton Hoo Golf Club, LU1 3TQ
Time: 10am to 12pm

This event is no longer available.

Posted by Wesley Scott on January 19th, 2017

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