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katie knapman

It’s that time again already! For the month of March we are going to be shining the light on one of our business developers. Sticking with our motto ‘people not portals’, we want to show you the people behind the telephone that you speak to regularly. Of course we aren’t taking this too seriously, as you will see from the questions below.

So here is Katie Knapman  in thirty seconds:

Employee: Katie Knapman

1. What is your position at Liberty Bishop? Business Development Consultant

2. How long have you worked for Liberty Bishop?  1 year 2 months.

3. Which film star would you choose to play you in your biography, and why? Jennifer Aniston – In my opinion she is one of the best Actresses around .

4. What’s your top five movies? Despicable Me, Top Gun, Lion King, Harry Potter, The Heat.

5. Favourite TV programme? Friends ! Everyone love’s friends.

6. What did you want to be at the age of 16? PE Teacher

7. If you could live in one country, where would it be? USA, There is so much to do, I’d never get bored.

8. Use one word to describe yourself? Honest (sometimes a bit too honest)

9. What’s the one possession you couldn’t live without? I-Phone, (it keeps me connected)

Posted by Melissa Hudson on March 31st, 2014

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