Welcome to our new blog – Don’t Take The Liberty!

welcome to don't take the liberty blog

Welcome to our new blog – Don’t Take The Liberty. Every week we will be sharing our insights and opinion (with a healthy dose of fun) on the payroll industry.
We are not going to be just sharing the latest HMRC updates or payroll industry news releases, all our posts are written by our team at Liberty Bishop, and are based on their knowledge and experiences within the payroll industry.
We want this blog to be a place where contractors and freelancers (and maybe some clients as well) can join the debate and discuss and share their opinions and experiences via the comments box on the bottom of each of the blogs.
If you like the posts, then we would encourage you to share them via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and you will be able to subscribe to our email /RSS blog updates to make sure you don’t miss any of our wisdom and insights.

So we all hope you enjoy the blog, and of course if you don’t like anything or have an opinion yourself on any of the subjects we talk about, tell us!

Posted by Marc Scott on August 15th, 2013

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